Book review of The Diary of A Killer Cat. Written by Anne Fine.

Narrated by Venny Tania, based on review written by Venny Tania


What do you think about your pets these days? Are they mostly joyous, or rather they are grumpy and several times get on your nerves?  Are you sure they always understand and agree with you, just because you feed them, clean their house, and give them toys?

According to Anne Fine’s book, The Diary of A Killer Cat, pets have their own thought in their simple mind. And yes, cats always have their own passion and ambition. It is always related to their instinct as a predator.

Our main character here is a killer cat. Yes, he can kill his prey. His name is sync with his instinct. His name is Tuffy.  Means toughie, a loud rough rowdy person. Or a cat. He lives with his beloved family, consist of father, mother, and daughter Ellie who loves Tuffy the most.

Did he really kill some poor thing? Yes and no. his family, just vexed on him cause Tuffy always brought dead bird or mouse into house. And doing some mischievous typical wicked and silly cat behaviours, like digging holes in the family garden. In his diary, indeed he never regretted what he had done. And he has a perfect reason for all his works. “Moan, moan, moan, moan. I don’t know why they bother to keep a cat, since all they ever seem to do is complain.” That’s what he said.

So can you imagine your pet talking like Tuffy? That’s the point. The accusation towards Tuffy was getting tenser and worst, as their neighbor’s  old rabbit, Thumper, was dead. Tuffy dragged old Thumper’s body to the house. Being panice, and unable to think properly, Ellie and her parents just washed and fluffed Thumper and brought it back to their neighbor garden silently. But did Tuffy really kill Thumper? They were buddies, according to Tuffy.

Like a mighty king, Tuffy enjoying watched his family try to clean the mess and sneak into the neighbor’s garden in the night, to put Thumper back. Tuffy even got some reports from his spy mates (or other cats) about that event. This sarcastic cat knew that his family thought he touched Thumper like he had done his old preys. Prejudice against Tuffy continues until the last day of the week, where his family visited the vet and bought groceries. They met their neighbor in the way. What had happened, and how did the sly Tuffy get away from all the suspicion?

The English writer, Anne Fine creates a fine story for children. The Diary of A Killer Cat is not a simple story, and yet also not too hard to be digested for children. It presents an almost real and multidimensional main character, a grey persona, as a grumpy cat. This book teaches children to understand some natural character of a cat and, that no one is pure evil or good in life.

Everyone has his or her own shortcomings, while sometimes, their strengths are hidden because of other people’s judgment.  Anne put the mystery of Thumper’s death to lure the reader to think and become curious. Maybe you can hear your judgemental inner voice as you open page per page, in the stillness of following Tuffy’s diary. In the end, we still love and accept our cats just the way they are. Even they have clawed our sofa, spilled some foods, or annoyed little animals, they are furry little friends who love scratching their on neck, and playing with us.

The Diary of A Killer Cat is a short fiction written by Anne Fine, published by Penguin Books ltd in 1994.